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Vietnamese Customers Are Willing to Spend Hundreds of Millions on Tours

In Vietnam, many travel agencies design luxury tours for tourists willing to spend money. There are many unique tours with amounts up to hundreds of millions.

Responding to Travellive, many Vietnamese tourists are willing to spend 2000-5000 USD (from 48 million-120 million VND) for nature experience tours, with resort tours, this number increases even more.

Spending hundreds of millions it

In particular, many tourists are willing to spend hundreds of millions to buy luxury tours like this. Rosie, a digital nomad, enjoys traveling around the world with her boyfriend. She has spent time traveling throughout America and traveling around many Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, etc. Rosie said she spent a large amount of money to visit. Traveling for a long time in Bali and it was the most valuable experience for me. Rosie had the opportunity to witness Nyepi - Silent Day, a traditional Tet day here. On the day of silence all street traffic is prohibited. No entertainment activities are allowed on this day. All islanders spend the entire day in silence praying at home or at temples.

Tourists are not afraid to spend money on cultural experiences.

Tourists are not afraid to spend money on cultural experiences.

Rosie and her boyfriend in traditional costumes in Bali.

Rosie and her boyfriend in traditional costumes in Bali.

"I feel it's worth spending a large amount of money to experience the local culture in the countries I've been to," Rosie said.

Ms. Thanh Thai is a passionate traveler. She has spent time traveling throughout Europe and Asia, especially China, Korea, and Japan. She once lived and worked in Singapore, then moved back to Vietnam. She is willing to spend a lot to have a trip that meets her dreams. The highest amount of money Ms. Thanh Thai has ever spent is about over 100 million VND.

"When I travel, I don't have many requirements or strict needs. I'm very easy-going and if I intuitively see that the trip is not fun, I won't go, but if it's the opposite, I'm willing to spend money to experience it. experience," she shared.

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The reason why tourists spend hundreds of millions

A representative of Fit Tour, an adventure tour organization, said that Vietnamese tourists have been discouraged and held back from traveling by the Covid-19 pandemic for too long a period of time. When the situation gradually stabilizes, everyone wants to realize their life's dream of "going on a trip and experiencing a unique trip".

On the other hand, to explain why tourists spend hundreds of millions on travel, Mr. Ryan Le, co-founder of The Journeys Collection (TJC), said that tourists with money are interested in personal things. and designed just for you. Besides, the majority of travel connoisseurs are very passionate about luxury hotel brands. These are the strengths and main market segments of The Journeys Collection.

TJC specializes in designing and personalizing luxury tours for Vietnamese tourists, the foreign community living in Vietnam and the Vietnamese community abroad. All customer journeys will be tailored by the Travel Designer team according to personal preferences and specific needs for that journey.

Maldives is always a destination for luxury tours favored by Vietnamese tourists.

Maldives is always a destination for luxury tours favored by Vietnamese tourists.

For example, a couple can come to TJC to design a trip to Paris, in-depth learning about French culinary art, Champagne wine, shopping and experiencing famous Suites at luxury hotels designated Considered a legend in the tourism industry such as the Coco Chanel Suite at The Ritz Paris. This trip can cost up to several billion VND per week.

"Everything will depend entirely on each customer's personal needs and preferences for each specific trip. For trips abroad, customers will look to TJC for round-trip air tickets, Visa services (if needed), hotel rooms, meals, airport transfers, travel and itinerary insurance, and recreational activities will be completely tailored to that itinerary. TJC founder said.

When asked why the price of a tour can reach billions of dong, Ryan explained that this is a luxury price compared to the average price of tourists in many places around the world, not just Vietnam. The travel agency focuses on the highest-end segment of the market. Therefore, high or low cost is not a problem for this type of luxury customer. The difficulty TJC customers encounter is time. They need the company to arrange a reasonable schedule so they can rest with family and friends during their busy work schedule.

"The highest amount a tourist has ever paid for a trip is nearly 10 zeros," Ryan said. With the sky-high amount of money above, TJC once organized a small family trip to the Maldives beach paradise combined with a Michelin-standard restaurant experience in Singapore. During this trip, customers use Singapore Airlines' business class and stay at the best hotels in these two places. TJC witnessed growth in the number of tourists participating in luxury tours. The reason is that our country's economy is increasingly developing and Vietnamese tourists are becoming more independent when traveling.

Vietnamese guests can spend hundreds of millions on a vacation.

Vietnamese guests can spend hundreds of millions on a vacation.

Both TJC and Fit Tour have loyal customer bases. TJC has over 50% of visitors giving good feedback and returning to use the service, while Fit Tour has 85% of these visitors. To ensure service quality for hundreds of millions, individual tour operators must spend time researching and expanding relationships with high-end hotel groups and travel companies in the same segment.

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