The Journeys Collection ra mắt TJC M&E và TJC Wellness

The Journeys Collection launches TJC M&E and TJC Wellness  

EXECUTIVE MICE and the birth of TJC M&E

The MICE tourism model is no longer strange to businesses and event organizers around the world. MICE are journeys that combine 4 elements: Meeting; Incentive - rewarding associates, appreciating customers; Conference - seminars, press conferences and Exhibition - exhibitions.

The Journeys Collection ra mắt TJC M&E và TJC Wellness - Ảnh 1.

"Executive MICE" is a segment dedicated to strategic events, with the participation of senior leaders and important strategic partners. Class from the stage of choosing a location is a reputable hotel with excellent service quality. Especially the hotel package rental service - "Buy-Out".

The Journeys Collection ra mắt TJC M&E và TJC Wellness - Ảnh 2.

InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort - the place chosen to host international Executive MICE groups

"Buy-Out": "Alone - one world" is the ultimate privilege that brings unique experiences to corporate guests. In addition to the professional service of the hotel team, businesses are also given the opportunity to choose any location within the hotel premises for activities: Team Building, Gala Dinner. party) under a beautifully decorated starry sky.

The Journeys Collection ra mắt TJC M&E và TJC Wellness - Ảnh 3.

Dinner party idea - Gala dinner at Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, UAE

In particular, the quality of conference and banquet rooms at hotels is an extremely important factor. Customers prioritize booking conference rooms with sunlight with full electronic equipment, modern design, high ceilings and no columns blocking the view. A team of professional and highly creative chefs will bring unforgettable culinary experiences to guests throughout the journey.

TJC Wellness and the health-oriented travel trend

In the last five years, "Wellness Tourism" - a travel experience that combines comprehensive health care - has become increasingly popular around the world. More popular since 2019 as we gradually become aware of the important meaning of preserving and improving health. The Journeys Collection 's new travel itinerary combining health care: Full 8-day experience package with RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat in Bangkok - managed by MINOR Group (the unit that owns and operates hotel brands famous in Thailand with the name Anantara & Avani put into operation in Vietnam).

Coming to RAKxa, your vacation is not simply a time of luxurious enjoyment at the world's best resorts, but a journey to improve your overall health. Visitors will be accompanied and meticulously guided by a team of specialists from VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center of Bumrungrad International Hospital. The itinerary includes: one week stay at a villa with private pool, two-way airport transfer, unique nutritional culinary experience with premium organic ingredients, 17 medical treatments including testing DNA, 14 Ayurvedic body care treatments - a comprehensive body treatment system that summarizes the essence of over 5,000 years of India.

The Journeys Collection ra mắt TJC M&E và TJC Wellness - Ảnh 4.

Villa with private pool at RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat

The Journeys Collection ra mắt TJC M&E và TJC Wellness - Ảnh 5.

Medical gym at RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat

In the summer of 2021, The Journeys Collection (belonging to Danshari Trading and Services Joint Stock Company) launches TJC M&E and TJC Wellness to provide accommodation experiences with these two types of tourism. The consulting team includes Travel Designers - Vacation Design Specialists and Event Planners - Event Organizers - who will work with you to create inspiring adventures so that when you return, you will continue your journey. Discover your own meaningful life with primordial happiness.

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