The Journeys Collection 'thiết kế' kỳ nghỉ Phú Quốc một cách khác biệt

The Journeys Collection 'designs' a Phu Quoc vacation differently

Guests will have unique experiences at Salinda Resort with an itinerary designed by The Journeys Collection brand.

The Journeys Collection brand's destination collection (belonging to Danshari Trading & Services Corporation) has many luxury beach resorts on the "pearl island" of Phu Quoc, in That includes Salinda Resort.

Salinda Resort Phu Quoc is located on the beautiful west coast, is a 5-star resort on the island, possessing enchanting sunset views. Salinda still maintains the same luxurious service quality, always taking care of and refreshing the interior and exterior as well as hospitality after many years of launch. Recently, Salinda Resort was one of two resorts in Phu Quoc included in the list of "30 best resorts in Asia" by Condé Nast Traveler magazine.

Visitors have the opportunity to experience luxurious services at the above high-end resort

Visitors have the opportunity to experience luxurious services at high-end resorts on the "pearl island" of Phu Quoc

Photo: The Journeys Collection

Coming to Salinda Resort, visitors have the opportunity to admire "story-telling walls". The resort brings together amazing works of art on the walls, from the mother-of-pearl mosaic placed on the reception lobby wall, to the art of grafting broken Vietnamese ceramics in the rooms, to the paintings on tissue paper on the walls of the hotel. He in restaurants... Visitors will be attracted by the sophistication of these works but will also have unique check-in photos when they get home.

The "sparkling" breakfast (breakfast served with champagne or sparkling wine) is always something that makes visitors nostalgic. Guests will enjoy breakfast in the garden and a glass of sparkling wine accompanied by romantic piano melodies and the sound of crashing waves.

Romantic dinner on the beach at Salinda Resort Phu Quoc.

Romantic dinner on the beach at Salinda Resort Phu Quoc

Photo: The Journeys Collection

In the evening, guests can experience a culinary journey in the quintessential atmosphere of international award-winning restaurants at Salinda resort. These are Italian restaurant - il Muro and Indian restaurant - Pakka with original dishes, special menus created by chefs from that region. All flavors from the strange to the familiar are in harmony in a poetic setting, overlooking the blue sea in the distance.

To have a perfect trip to Phu Quoc, the resort brands that The Journeys Collection cooperates with are selected to suit their customer base as well as to ensure the best price and promotional programs for them. tourists when coming to businesses. In particular, this May and June, customers will receive an additional afternoon tea experience by the beach and a free room upgrade at Salinda Resort when booking through The Journeys Collection.


Vacation "designers" at The Journeys Collection

Photo: The Journeys Collection

The Journeys Collection belongs to Danshari Trading and Services Corporation (Danshari Trading & Services Corporation) and was founded with the goal of sharing and consulting on trendy travel experiences and trends. A team of consultants, also known as "travel designers", have diverse travel experience and will design the trip according to each traveler's preferences and lifestyle.

To do that, Travel Designer must find out the customer's interests through chatting, asking about career, lifestyle... "Thereby, we personalize the traveler's trip with unique experiences." Experience accumulated in each different region, from entertainment activities, to accommodation is also chosen to suit their style," said a representative of The Journeys Collection.

In addition, coming to The Journeys Collection, customers not only find the trip experiences truly worthwhile, but their preferences are remembered and recognized when they come back to plan their next trip. This is also the bright spot that makes a difference for this brand's type of travel design.

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