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Beana Laponia

Beana Laponia


Experience 'luxury' hotels and the Christmas atmosphere in Lapland, Finland, known as the "homeland of Santa Claus", along with the famous Christmas market in the capital city of Helsinki, and enjoy a bowl of cooked salmon soup with hot Lohikeitto potatoes on a cold winter day. Throughout the journey are unique and even rare winter activities in Lapland such as dog sledding with husky dogs, and riding a sleigh pulled by reindeer that we often see. Santa Claus often uses it to travel in movies, hunt auroras at night and other cozy campfire activities.

Suggested itinerary (can be changed upon request):

  • 2 nights in the capital city of Helsinki, staying at one of two leading luxury hotels, Hotel St. George Helsinki or Hotel Kämp with breakfast every morning
  • 3 - 4 nights in Santa's hometown in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland staying at one of the two leading luxury boutique hotels in the area, Hotel Beana Laponia or Arctic TreeHouse Hotel with daily breakfast
  • 2 nights in Stockholms (Sweden) or Copenhagen (Denmark), staying at either Grand Hotel Stockholm or D'Angleterre Copenhagen with breakfast every day
  • Reindeer sled activities, husky dog ​​sledding, aurora viewing,...
  • International airport transfers by hotel private car
  • Transportation to visit Santa Claus Village

* Additional benefits: other incentives exclusively for guests of TJC, the first member in Vietnam of the VITA by The Leading Hotel Of The World program and Collective Design Hotels.

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    Reindeer is the symbolic animal of Lapland. When you visit a reindeer farm, you will get acquainted with this Arctic animal and the traditional livelihood of reindeer herding. The tour includes transportation to the farm, a short reindeer ride (about 3 km).


    With 28 years of organizing husky safaris in Lapland, you will experience and see the best "four-legged athletes" firsthand when participating in these uniquely exciting journeys. The dogs have participated in the longest sled dog races in Europe and leader Aki Holck is one of the best long-distance mushers in Finland.


    The Northern Lights are a rare and magical phenomenon that we witness from late August to late March. Aurora Night begins after dark with a short sleigh ride through the forest to the burning site Nearby campfire with open views of the northern sky. In the light and warmth of the campfire, your guide will tell you more about the aurora borealis: scientifically proven facts and stories people have told each other over the centuries to try to explain them. like them. If the weather is favorable, the Northern Lights will "dance" in the sky.


    Snowshoe hiking allows you to experience winter nature in complete silence. You can hear the snow falling off the branches as you walk through the forest. You can go on your own adventure on marked trails or join our guided snowshoeing tour.


    The snowmobiles used are four-stroke powered snowmobiles and have low emissions. Going on a snowmobile safari is almost like a private adventure to explore the world of snow. The journey usually only welcomes 8 participants at a time and goes along quiet routes. Come and enjoy the beauty of Arctic nature and the thrill of speed on the snow.


    In the backyard of Beana Laponia, you have a great opportunity to try ice skating. The lighting system makes sliding down the hill safe even during the dark hours of the day or night. Toboggans are available free of charge.


    In Lapland, reindeer antler is an important raw material for making utensils and decorations. When you visit a local craft workshop, you'll learn more about traditional Lapish crafts and make your own souvenir.

    The Journeys Collection

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