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The Journeys Collection

The PuXuan Hotel and Spa

The PuXuan Hotel and Spa

Nestled between one of the world's most important historical areas - Beijing's Forbidden City and Wangfujing, The PuXuan Hotel and Spa is considered a new masterpiece of modern art. The neighborhood's ancestral heritage has been artfully enriched by this gem of modernity, paying homage yet modernly to one of the most important and distinct areas of capital. PuXuan Hotel and Spa offers an unparalleled experience that is intuitive, authentic, and a journey of discovery that goes beyond the conventions of luxury.

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    Rive Gauche perfectly captures French “bistronomy” cuisine right in the heart of Beijing.


    Explore Chinese cuisine that chef Waikit Yeung has curated with a menu full of Cantonese flavors.


    The beautiful and carefully curated space makes it the perfect place to enjoy or to meet and get creative.


    Celebrating Asia's rich history, Tea Room goes beyond serving tea; it invites you along on a truly ceremonial exploration of Asia through its offering of rare and curated teas and accessories from across the region.

    The Journeys Collection

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